Index of Forms and Guidance for Oil & Gas

Oil & gas APENs

Your APEN will be rejected if it is filled out incorrectly, is missing information, or lacks payment for the filing fee. The re-submittal will require a new filing fee. See our Application Rejection Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

General APEN  Form APCD-200  |  Guidance
Amine sweetening unit APEN  Form APCD-206  |  Guidance
Boilers APEN  Form APCD-220  |  Calculator (for under 100 MMBtu/hr)

Well production facility APEN Form APCD-216 |  Guidance

  • Introduction to APENs video.
  • Detailed guidance for calculating your emissions.
  • APEN/permit threshold table.
  • Ozone non-attainment area boundaries.
  • Common APEN or air permit exemptions.
  • APEN update guidance.


Emissions Calculations & Regulatory Analysis Workbook | Guidance

Air permit application forms
PS Memos  Permitting guidance memos.

Air permit administrative forms

General Permits
  • GP01  Condensate storage tanks.
  • GP02  Natural gas-fired internal combustion engines, at oil & gas facilities only.
  • GP03  Land Development.
  • GP05  Produced water storage tanks.
  • GP06  Diesel-fired engines.
  • GP07  Hydrocarbon liquid loadout at oil & gas facilities.
  • GP08  Oil & gas industry storage tanks (condensate, crude oil and produced water).
  • GP09  Oil & gas well production facilities.
  • GP10  Oil & gas well production facilities.
  • GP11  Oil & gas routine or predictable gas venting.

Oil & gas O&M plans 

Equipment-specific pages

  • Storage tank and vapor control system guidelines.
  • Regulation No. 7 guidance and forms (STEM, AIMM, periodic reporting).
  • Leak detection and repair (LDAR) guidance and forms.
  • Visible emissions observation forms.
  • NSPS OOOO guidance and forms.
  • Compliance test manual.
  • Continuous monitoring system guidelines.
  • Portable analyzer monitoring protocol.
  • Rolling 12-month emission calculation guidance.
  • Malfunction/upset reporting.
  • Gasoline tank truck certification information and form.
  • APCD enforcement and inspection contacts. 
  • ERC stakeholder presentation.
  • Forms to apply for ERCs, use ERCs, or change ownership of ERCs.
  • Frequently asked questions.
  • Fact sheet.

AQCC Regulations


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