Air Permits for Fugitive Component Leaks

A complete permit application must include all applicable elements on Form APCD-100.


Fugitive Component Leaks APEN (Form APCD-203)

Use an APEN to apply for a new permit; request a modification to an existing permit; complete a routine (five-year) renewal for an existing permitted source or report changes in emissions, production or equipment.


Operating and Maintenance Plan for fugitive component leaks (Form APCD-303)

If the facility has NSPS or MACT requirements for Leak Detection and Repair (e.g., NSPS KKK and/or NSPS OOOO and/or NSPS OOOOa and/or other), then you shall follow the federal requirements and an O&M Plan is not required for fugitive component leaks. Visit the Oil and gas Operating & maintenance Plan forms page for guidance and information.

Guidance for fugitive component leak permits

  • Step-by-step
    Reporting your air emissions and applying for air permits.
  • PS Memo 94-06
    Fugitive emissions.
  • PS Memo 99-04
    Fugitive emissions and major source status.
  • PS Memo 14-04
    Regulation No. 7 oil & gas leak detection and repair; and open-ended valves and line requirements.