Sexual and reproductive health

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Sexual & reproductive health


From childhood and throughout adulthood, sexual health affects who we are, how we present ourselves in society, how we nurture confidence and negotiating skills, who we choose as partners, how we take care of our bodies, and how we maintain our health.

Sexual health is a public health issue. It is an integral component of overall health and wellness across the lifespan. We respect the choices of all Coloradans and promote inclusive educational programs, recommend policies, and provide information and services so that all people can make informed sexual health decisions.


Attributes of a sexually healthy person

  • Eleven attributes have been identified that describe a sexually healthy person.

Family planning

  • Where to find services, list of Title X family planning clinics, patient services, who can access services, cost of service, birth control and sexual health information, school-based health centers, vendor resources, contact information.

Sexually transmitted infections/HIV

  • Services for people with HIV, report an STI or HIV diagnosis confidentially, data, resources for providers, community involvement, training, HIV Critical Events System, condoms.

Lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual (LGBT) health

  • Health resources, finding health services, Colorado's LGBT strategic health plan.

Sexual violence prevention

  • Promoting healthy relationships, statistics, grantees.

Youth sexual health

  • Data and fact sheets, resources, youth sexual health in Colorado, contact information.

Nurturing families and communities

  • Building positive youth, families and communities
  • Sexual violence prevention
  • Violence and Injury Prevention (VIP) Recognition
  • Violence and injury prevention training calendar
  • Essentials for childhood

School-based health centers

  • Well-child exams.

  • Sick visits.

  • Health screenings.

  • Immunizations.

  • Mental health and other counseling.

  • Reproductive health services.

  • Classroom/school-wide health education or promotion activities.