Oil & Gas Air Permits

To apply for a new permit or modify an existing permit, follow these steps. 

1. Download application completeness checklist.

2. Emissions Calculations & Regulatory Analysis Workbook. 

The APCD has developed a form to assist you in completing your emissions calculations and regulatory analysis, and closely reflects internal forms used for the same purpose. The use of this form is optional, and this form does not necessarily include all types of equipment or all possible regulatory scenarios. This form is updated periodically.

3. Complete Attachment A through J for your application. 

Your APEN will be rejected if it is filled out incorrectly, is missing information, or lacks payment for the filing fee. The re-submittal will require a new filing fee. See our Application Rejection Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.


A. APEN Fees

You must pay the APEN fee for every APEN submitted. General Permits will require additional fees.

More information about our fee structure is on our Emissions and permitting fees page.

Fees may be paid by:

  • Submitting a check with the mailed in application
  • As of October 1, 2022, the Air Division no longer accepts Credit Card Authorizations through standard mail, email, or over the phone. If you need to pay APEN filing fee(s) and General Permit fee(s) with a credit card, you may use the Division’s online payment portal. If this is your first time using the payment portal, please follow the instructions in this guidance document
B. APENs - APCD Form Series 200.

Oil & gas APENs.

Include an APEN for each emissions point subject to APEN reporting requirements.

A guide to calculating and reporting your emissions.

C. Emission calculations and supporting documentation.

Attachment C does not require a specific APCD form. This part of your application must contain enough documentation for the permit engineer to check your calculations.  The optional Emissions Calculation & Regulatory Analysis Workbook may be used to show emissions calculations.

D. Company contact information - Form APCD-101.

Download Form APCD-101.

E. Ambient air impact analysis.

An ambient air impact analysis is required if emission increases requested in your application are above the modeling thresholds in the Colorado Modeling Guideline for Air Quality Permits. An ambient air impact analysis is not required for sources that emit only VOCs and no other criteria pollutants.

Air Quality Modeling Webpage.

F. Facility emissions inventory - Form APCD-102.

Download Form APCD-102.

Include all existing, portable, and newly-requested emission points at your facility. This form isn't needed if your facility has only one emission point.

G. Process description, flow diagram, and plot plan of emissions unit and/or facility.

Attachment G does not require a specific APCD form. You can represent this in a written or graphical format or both, as appropriate. This attachment is not needed if your facility has only one emissions point.

H. Operating and maintenance (O&M) plan - APCD Form Series 300.

The Operating & Maintenance Plan forms page has additional guidance and links to all templates available for download. O&M plans are required for each source with emission controls at a synthetic minor or major stationary source. They are not required if a source is covered by a General Permit or if the source is at a true minor facility.

I. Regulatory analysis.

You may opt for us to complete the regulatory analysis. Submitting a regulatory analysis along with the permit application may speed up the issuance of the permit.

Download an example of regulatory analysis.The optional Emissions Calculation & Regulatory Analysis Workbook may be used to assist in completing the regulatory analysis.

J. Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) 805 Series rule requirements - Form APCD-105.

Download Form APCD-105.

For storage tanks (condensate, crude oil, produced water) and glycol dehydrators only. Use Form APCD-105 to determine if COGCC 805 series apply.
COGCC website.

Consultation guidance for the COGCC amended rules.

4. Mail your complete application to:

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80246-1530 

Equipment-specific forms and guidance