Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV)

NOTE: The Colorado Air Quality Control Commission adopted the following changes to its Regulation 20 (which created the ZEV program) in August 2021. This new version of Regulation 20 took effect in January 2022. Subsequently, the AQCC adopted additional changes to Regulation 20 in April 2023 which took effect in June 2023. This most recent revision adds the new Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT) program. 

All versions of Regulation 20 including the current version (effective 6/14/2023)

Starting with model year 2023 (which starts on January 1, 2022), automakers must make a minimum percentage of Zero Emission Vehicles available for sale as part of their light-duty vehicle offerings in Colorado.

Starting with model year 2027 automakers must make a minimum percentage of ZEVs available for sale as part of their heavy-duty vehicle offerings in Colorado as well.

These requirements for manufacturers will help advance electric vehicle sales in Colorado, and help the State meet its Greenhouse Gas reduction goals. 

Colorado ZEV program for Automakers 

Consumer information

Additional information on Zero Emission Vehicles is available through these external resources: 

Other resources will be added to this list as they become available.  

Background information
Colorado ZEV rulemaking history and additional resources.

Please send any questions or comments about the Colorado Zero Emission Vehicle programs to cdphe_colevzev@state.co.us