Environmental self-audit reporting


Under the Colorado Environmental Audit Privilege and Immunity Law, all state civil and administrative penalties for violations of state environmental laws may be waived if such violations are voluntarily disclosed as the result of a self-audit. The law also provides that information gathered as a result of this audit may be privileged, or protected from certain uses adverse to the disclosing entity.
  • The Colorado Environmental Audit Privilege and Immunity Law doesn't affect public access to any information currently available under the Colorado Open Records Act.
  • The audit privilege doesn't affect our authority to enter any site, copy records, inspect, monitor, or otherwise investigate compliance or citizen complaints.
  • The Colorado Environmental Audit Privilege and Immunity Law doesn't limit our authority to issue orders or require corrective actions to return to compliance.
Please note: The information on this page is for immunity under Colorado state law. Please visit the EPA's policy site for more information and for requirements under federal law.


Air Pollution Control Division

Jen Sandor, Enforcement Advisor

Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division

David Foster, Compliance Assurance Unit

Water Quality Control Division

Eric Mink, Clean Water Enforcement Unit Manager