Colorado Electric School Bus Grant Program



The Colorado Electric School Bus Grant Program application process will reopen in 2024.

Updates will be posted to this website as information becomes available.

In May 2022, Colorado adopted the Air Quality Improvement Investments Act, Senate Bill 22-193. This law created the Colorado Electric School Bus Grant Program. Through this program, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment will solicit interest from eligible organizations for electric school buses and associated charging infrastructure. These organizations will be considered for funding through a grant application process.

The law directs CDPHE to prioritize funding for school districts and charter schools:

  • Located in, or attended by, students living in disproportionately impacted communities;
  • Located in nonattainment areas; or
  • At which a percentage of students, as determined by CDPHE, receive free or reduced-price lunches under a qualifying school lunch program.  

In addition to these criteria, CDPHE encourages all school districts state-wide to apply for funding consideration.


Current incentives

Listed below are the maximum funding incentives offered through the Colorado Electric School Bus program. These incentive levels will be periodically revisited and revised over time. Charging infrastructure incentives from the Colorado Electric School Bus Grant Program can be combined with other incentives, such as utility rebates, to lower out-of-pocket costs for the applicant.

New battery electric vehicles (per vehicle, up to):
Non-bus student transportationType A-B School BusType C-D School Bus


Charging infrastructure (per port, up to):*
<19 kW19-49 kW50-99 kW100 kW+

*Charging amounts mirror those offered by infrastructure programs at the Colorado Energy Office.


Miscellaneous (fixed amounts):
ScrappageProject Start-upHigh Voltage Training


  1. Scrappage: Applicants may request up to $1,000 per application to support costs associated with vehicle scrappage. Receipts for towing and/or invoices from a scrap yard may be required by the state in order to reimburse costs.

  2. Project start-up: Applicants may request a $1,000 per application stipend to support project start-up costs associated with the Colorado Clean School Bus Grant program.

  3. High Voltage Training: Applicants may request up to $6,000 to certify school-district fleet technicians in the maintenance and repair of high voltage battery and electrical systems found on electric school buses. Documentation of a training completion may be required by the state in order to reimburse costs.


School bus conversions

Conversions of existing fossil-fuel powered vehicles into battery or fuel-cell electric powered vehicles will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Fleets interested in a full conversion will have the opportunity to provide more information on their intent as part of the application process.

CDPHE supports the advancement of new, clean vehicle technology. However, to ensure that vehicles identified for conversion remain in safe operational condition for students, drivers, and the communities they serve, the following information will be required for each vehicle a fleet intends to convert. More information and requirements for vehicle conversions can be found in the program guide linked below.

School Bus Conversions (per vehicle, up to):
Type A-B School BusType C-D School Bus
45% of total conversion cost55% of total conversion cost

School bus retirement

CDPHE requires applicants to retire or convert a minimum of 20% of the vehicles requested per application. For example, if a district requests grant funding for five vehicles, the district will be required to retire or convert at least one vehicle per this requirement. Districts that apply for fewer than five vehicles will not be required to retire a unit. However, if an applicant applies to the Colorado Electric School Bus Grant Program more than once, their scrappage and/or conversion history will be reviewed by CDPHE and the state will require that this 20% retirement/conversion requirement  is met across multiple applications.

CDPHE strongly encourages applicants to prioritize scrappage of pre-2009 diesel-powered buses because these buses do not have modern pollution controls. In instances where fleets do not have pre-2009 diesel-powered buses, CDPHE will work with fleets to identify the highest priority vehicles based upon fleet information submitted with the application. For the purposes of this grant program, scrappage shall mean rendering the bus inoperable by cutting both frame rails in half and permanently disabling the engine block. More information and requirements for vehicle conversions can be found in the program guide linked below. 


Application process

Information on the 2024 grant application process will be available below once available.

The online application will be available on March 29, 2023. All applicants must submit the application online by 5:00 PM MDT June 30, 2023. Please submit questions about the program via email to matthew.goble@state.co.us. Responses will be posted to this webpage by noon 5/12/2023. Applicants may begin preparing responses using the MS Word formatted grant application, which is available for preparatory purposes. 

View the Colorado Electric School Bus Grant Program Guide.

Download the Colorado Electric School Bus Grant Program Preparatory Grant Application (Word).

Open the Colorado Electric School Bus Grant Program online application.

Application materials

Download Fleet List Template (Excel).

Download Vehicle Scrappage Template (Excel).

Download Financial Risk Assessment Questionnaire (PDF).

Open the Financial Risk Assessment Questionnaire.

Dates below will be updated as information becomes available.

Timeline TimeDate
Request for applications published and grant application opens.N/A       3/29/2023  
Deadline for applicants to submit inquiries. Submit inquiries by email to matthew.goble@state.co.us. No questions will be accepted after this date/time.5:00 PM MDT5/3/2023
Answers to inquiries and any changes to the RFA published.Noon MDT5/12/2023
Application submission deadline.5:00 PM MDT6/30/2023
Estimated notification of selected projects.N/AAugust 2023


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