Clean water

10-year water quality roadmap
Timeline, stakeholder information, meeting dates
401 certification
Information, application
Clean water fees
Discharge permit fees
Enforcement actions, Clean Water Enforcement Unit, drinking water enforcement orders, policies, more information
Facility design approval
Wastewater design approval, types of water pollution control review, other types of wastewater and drinking water reviews
GIS maps
Data, maps, resources
Sign up for stakeholder group, presentations
Groundwater program
Groundwater permits
Inspection services
Biosolids inspections, commerce and industry inspections, domestic wastewater inspections
Abandoned mine water quality study, mining impacted streams task force, Animas River spill
Nonpoint source pollution management
Funding, program documents, planning, project management, monitoring and assessment, outreach, Regulation 85
Nutrient management control regulations,incentive program, work group activities, monitoring
On-site wastewater treatment
Treatment information based on gallons, On-Site Treatment System Act
Pesticides permits
Rivers, lakes and streams
Nutrient monitoring, river, stream and lake monitoring, temperature monitoring, surface water assessment, impaired water, data, measurable results program
Swim beach monitoring
Information on natural swimming areas, swim beach monitoring and closures
Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)
Development, implementation, public notices, river basins TMDL documents
Water quality planning
Regional 208 Planning, Statewide Water Quality Management Plan, Watershed 319