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Air Pollution contacts

Indoor Environment Program


Indoor Environment Program Manager

Laura Manyak f.k.a. Shumpert




Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)


Asbestos and lead certification

Field Operations Unit Supervisors

Curtis Burns 720-507-4758
David Willer 720-295-7833

Compliance and Enforcement Unit Supervisor

Laura Manyak f.k.a.Shumpert 720-515-9739


Cody Archuleta 720-515-9042
Beth Foley 720-306-9819
Jeffrey Wolfe 720-230-6568
Sam Kloser 720-449-6864
Severen McGowen 720-507-6399
Trevor Strosnider 720-523-1080

Waste disposal - Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division customer technical assistance 303-692-3320

Asbestos contaminated soil

Brian Long 303-691-4033

County Health Departments

Denver 720-865-5474
Pueblo 719-583-4300


Title V (interim) Permitting Program Manager

Carissa Money



Construction Permitting and Modeling Program Manager

Laura Newman



Check Air permit (APEN) status

Air Pollutant Emission Notice (APEN) submittal:

Title V Operating Permits

For fastest response, please email questions to

Jaclyn Zey 720-507-6364
Nicholas Dummer 720-263-2033
Katrina Winborn-Miller 303-691-4001

Construction Permits

Kenneth (KC) Houlden 720-507-3745
Jonathan Brickey  720-295-4667

Oil and Gas Permits

Stephanie Spector 303-692-2297
Bradley Eades 303-692-3142
Harrison Slaughter 303-692-3119

Emissions and Permitting Fees

Adam Wozniak 303-692-3160



Jennifer Morse              303-692-3240


Bradley Eades 303-692-3142
Stephanie Spector 303-692-2297
Harrison Slaughter 303-692-3119


Inspection and Complaints
Jennifer Mattox 303-692-3144



Air Quality Monitoring

Ivan Franklin 303-692-3209


Ozone Alerts and Prescribed Fires

Scott Landes 303-692-3255


Modeling and Emissions

Modeling Program Manager

Laura Newman

Kevin Briggs 303-692-3222


Data and Reports

William Vicars 303-692-3227



Compliance and Enforcement Program Manager

Shannon McMillan


Inspection and Complaints

Ben Cappa 720-239-2175
Paul Carr 303-692-3250
Tom Lovell 303-692-3204
Beth Pilson 720-551-9225


Heather Wuollet 720-515-0279         


Emissions Technical Centers

Office Manager

Janet Lovell 303-692-3121

Technical Support

Lyn Heinricy 303-692-3124

RapidScreen Roadside Emissions

Kim Livo 303-692-3134

Diesel Program

Denver Metro Area - Raymond Elick 303-744-2522
North Front Range - John Schroeer 970-221-5324
El Paso County - Lonnie Shrewsbury 719-322-3157
Clean Diesel School Bus Retrofit - Rick Coffin 303-692-3127

Air Program

Mitch Seek 303-744-2442


County Smoke Contacts


Colorado Department Public Health and Environment

Air Pollution Control Division

4300 Cherry Creek Drive South


Denver, Colorado 80246

Fax: 303-782-5493 or 303-782-0278

*Please send faxes "Attention [person's name.]"


Smoke Management Program

Coleen Campbell 303-692-3224
Boyd Lebeda 303-692-3244

Meteorology and Prescribed Fire

Scott Landes 303-692-3255

Technical Service Program

TBD 303-692-3238

Open Burning Program

Permits-Amber Stowell 303-692-3268
Oversight - Beth Pilson 720-551-9225


Planning and Policy Program Manager

Jessica Ferko


Technical Support/State Implementation Plan Unit

Supervisor - Josh Korth 303-692-3265
Rick Coffin 303-692-3127

Regulatory Development/Assistance Unit

Supervisor - Leah Martland 303-692-6269
Small Business Assistance  
Christine Hoefler 303-692-3148
Kaitlin Urso 303-692-3175

Climate Change Unit

Supervisor - Clay Clarke 303-692-6330
Outreach - Lauren McDonell 303-692-6461
Air Quality Planner - Megan McCarthy 303-692-6461


Media Requests

Leah Schleifer 732-710-0833


Tank Truck Vapor Certification  


Smoking Vehicle - 303-692-3211