Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Settlement


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In 2017, the State of Colorado received over $68.7 million from a settlement with the Volkswagen Group of America car manufacturer. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment managed and distributed the settlement funds. CDPHE coordinated with the Colorado Department of Transportation, Colorado Energy Office, Regional Air Quality Council, and other agencies to develop Colorado's Beneficiary Mitigation Plan.

The settlement required Colorado to use the funds to reduce air pollution emissions from the transportation sector. The projects aimed to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, ground-level ozone pollution, carbon dioxide emissions, and other air pollutants.

In 2017, Colorado proposed a Beneficiary Mitigation Plan for public comment, which outlined the spending plan, eligible projects, and available funding. In 2019, Colorado released the revised Beneficiary Mitigation Plan and filed a copy with the Wilmington Trust.

Programs for funds

Colorado distributed funds using several programs:

  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle Replacement Program.
  • Zero Emission Vehicle Supply Equipment Program.
  • Electric Vehicle Direct Current Fast-Charging Plaza Program
  • Diesel Emission Reduction Act.
    • Projects funded under the Diesel Emission Reduction Act focused on the replacement of heavy duty diesel nonroad equipment with electric equipment.
  • Clean Energy Economy for the Region (CLEER).

Public involvement

The department solicited comments for the settlement implementation plan and considered all comments in developing Colorado's final Beneficiary Mitigation Plan.

Settlement funding awardees

The Volkswagen Diesel Emission Environmental Mitigation Trust awarded several projects. 

CDPHE posts awardees per application round and year awarded. Application rounds vary between programs.