Oral Health

Dentist shows child how to brush teeth

Oral health

Cavity Free at Three (CF3)
  • CF3 teaches medical/dental providers and health advocates about early childhood caries and how to improve access to and delivery of preventive oral health services for young children and pregnant women.

  • Cavity Free at Three (CF3) Dashboard

Community water fluoridation
  • Reports, recommendations, guidelines, studies, resources.

Dental assistance for seniors
  • Information for Colorado low-income seniors who need dental care (formerly Old Age Pension Dental Assistance Program)

Oral health data and reports
  • Statistics about Coloradans' oral health

Smart Mouths Smart Kids (SMSK)
  • SMSK is a toolkit that helps potential partners assess the feasibility of initiating school-linked oral health services and to design and build a sustainable oral health program.

Oral Health Partner Spotlight
  • Videos demonstrating the benefits of one Colorado model providing integrated medical, dental, and behavioral health services.


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