Laboratory services


The State Lab at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s mission is to provide critical and specialized expertise in laboratory services to protect the health and environment for all of Colorado. Our team addresses these challenges through a wide variety of testing to detect, investigate, prevent, and control these public health hazards. 

What is a public health laboratory?

Colorado Public Health Laboratory System Improvement Program Report - 2024

Our Services


  General information, and contact information 
  Clinical testing 
Testing to identify micro-organisms that have an impact on public health, including bacteria, viruses and fungi
  Emergency preparedness
Collaboration with laboratories across the country to respond to emergencies
  Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing (EBAT)
Calibration, certification and maintenance of breath instruments used to test subjects suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol
  Food testing
Testing to detect the presence of micro-organisms in food, milk, and water
  Laboratory certification
Certification of labs that test food, drinking water, and toxic substances
  Marijuana testing facility inspections
We coordinate the inspections for retail marijuana testing facilities. The testing ensures the Colorado Department of Revenue's marijuana enforcement division rules are being met.
  Newborn screening
Screening for early diagnosis and treatment of metabolic and genetic disorders 
  Water testing
We provide testing for homeowners and public water systems.