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This page has information on projects in Commerce City - North Denver.  We want you to know what is happening and how to get involved. We know we work best when we work as partners with local communities.

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Report an environmental emergency or spill

Commerce City - North Denver area

News and upcoming events

Comment on Suncor's draft air quality permit

Comment on Suncor's air quality permit between Feb. 17 and March 19. Please submit public comments using this submission form.  

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Provide feedback on Suncor's water quality permit and renewal process

Provide feedback on Suncor's water quality permit. We will consider the feedback when drafting the permit.

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Globeville/Elyria-Swansea Health Study

Join us for upcoming committee meetings regarding the four-year study's progress. The next meeting is scheduled March 17 from 5 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.

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New environmental health storyboard

Explore a new storyboard to learn what we know and don’t know about the connections between the environment and public health in one of the Denver metro area’s central urban communities.

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Suncor information and ways to get involved

Air permitting

We are reviewing Suncor's application for a permit that limits air pollution. This is the Plant 2 Title V operating permit.

This effort includes time for public comment and meetings like the Jan. 7, 2021 meeting. We will also be available to have several  meetings with smaller groups. This is so we can have an in-depth conversation and so we can hear your concerns.

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Water permitting

Suncor has two permits up for renewal in 2021 that limit the pollution it puts into Sand Creek. The new permits must include requirements and limits for these pollutants to protect Sand Creek. It also protects the water for drinking, recreation, and fish. CDPHE wants input from the public on what is necessary in these permits to protect the creek.

Prior to renewing the permits, the WQCD will host a series of virtual meetings to get feedback from the community related to the requirements and pollutant limits. Anyone can give input on any part of the permit.
Any input received will be considered when developing the draft permit. As we draft this permit, we want you to have access to staff to understand what our decision process is, and to know how your input helped influence the decision.

More information: Suncor Water Quality Permits webpage.


Supplemental environmental projects

In 2020, a court fined Suncor $9 million for air pollution violations at their facility. The fine is because Suncor was not meeting pollution limits and had other violations since 2017. Money from the fine will be used for environmental projects. The projects will be in the surrounding communities. A group of community members, called the Evaluation Committee, will review and select the projects.

CDPHE got a lot of input from the community from May - October 2020. The input was about the project application and who should pick the projects. CDPHE created materials, guides, and other items with this input.
The committee has 11 members. There are nine community members, someone from Suncor, and someone from CDPHE. The committee will select projects by March 31, 2021.

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Activities in the area

How the environment affects health in Commerce City-North Denver

We created a storyboard exploring what we know and don’t know about the connections between the environment and public health in one of the Denver metro area’s central urban communities. We hope it is a starting point for community conversations and decision-making.

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Globeville/Elyria-Swansea health study 

There will be a health study that focuses on health concerns in the communities. After listening to the community, a committee selected a contractor, Cardno ChemRisk, to do the work. Committee meetings are open to the public and are a good way to find out about the four-year study's progress. Join us for an upcoming GES Health Study virtual Zoom meeting, scheduled for March 17 from 5 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. Find meeting information on this web page. A community council will give guidance and community perspective to Cardno ChemRisk. The study will begin early this year and end in 2025.  

More information: GES Health Study web page.


Aerial view overlooking downtown denver, I-70, and the train depot in Commerce City-North Denver
James Chance, The Colorado Trust

Superfund activities

A Superfund site is a place where hazardous waste has been left out in the open, dumped, or improperly managed. There are a few Superfund sites in the area, including Asarco Inc-Globe Smelter and Vasquez Blvd/I-70. The Asarco Inc-Globe Smelter had soil with lead and arsenic that was cleaned up. The Vasquez Blvd/I-70 site had a residential area with lead and arsenic in soils that were cleaned up and has other areas that will be addressed. 

A community group makes suggestions for the Vasquez Blvd/ VB I-70 project. The group meets every month on the third Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. Email the group's administrator at to take part in the meetings.

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Activities in the state

Wind turbine and industrial facility in background

State climate change approach

CDPHE worked with government agencies to make a climate change plan. The plan puts in place greenhouse gas pollution targets. It also shows ways to reduce greenhouse gas pollution. Climate change impacts people across the state. But Commerce City - North Denver can be especially affected. The plan is Colorado’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Pollution Reduction Roadmap.

Ways to get involved: 

  • CDPHE is forming a Climate Equity Community Council to help guide this work, beginning this spring. If you’re interested in joining the council, email
  • Visit our department's climate change webpage for details on our climate equity work.


Pollution tracking

Air pollution monitoring

Find general information about air quality in Colorado on the air quality webpage. This webpage looks at air quality within the state.

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Water pollution monitoring

We make water quality information available to the public. This includes information about regulated entities, enforcement actions, and sampling data. Anyone can search for water quality information for the Commerce City - North Denver area.

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Toxic firefighting chemicals (PFAS) information

Water quality information