Public records

To obtain ​records, ​please ​refer to the following pages:

​​Air Pollution Control

Air permits, air emissions, asbestos, greenhouse gas, lead-based paint.

Birth, death, and other vital records

Official vital records of adoption, births, deaths, marriages, civil unions, and divorces.

Environmental Health and Sustainability

Food and dairy safety and regulations, livestock feeding operations, food and drug recalls, recycling, Tier II information. Send requests by email to cdphe.dehs.support@state.co.us.

​​Hazardous Materials and Waste Management

Solid waste, hazardous waste, radiation management, X-ray and mammography, environmental and methamphetamine lab cleanup..

​​​Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Services

EMS training and certification, health facilities licensing, complaints, occurrences, regulations, trauma services. Send requests by email to​cdphe.healthfacilities@state.co.us.

Immunization records

Request immunization records for yourself or your child, opt out from CIIS. Or send requests by email to cdphe.ciis@state.co.us.

Water Quality Control

Water permits, safe drinking water, source water protection, groundwater, wastewater.

All other records

For records not available in one of the areas above, or those that might be located in more than one of the areas listed above, please submit your request to cdphe_recordsrequests@state.co.us.

Department Policy 2.17 Open Records