Air Permits for Natural Gas Venting

For a complete permit application, you must include all applicable elements on Form APCD-100.

Natural Gas Venting APEN  (Form APCD-211)

Gas venting activities include emissions from gas/liquid separators, wellhead casing, pneumatic pumps, and maintenance/blowdown events.

Use an APEN to apply for a new permit; request a modification to an existing permit; complete a routine (five-year) renewal for an existing permitted source or report changes in emissions, production or equipment.

Operating and Maintenance Plans

An O&M plan is required for all process units with emission controls at a synthetic minor or major stationary source. Visit the Oil and gas Operating & Maintenance Plan forms page for guidance and more information.

Alternative emissions control device request form

​The division will consider, on a case-by-case basis, alternative emissions control equipment to meet control requirements of Regulation No. 7. The operator must obtain approval to use the alternative emissions control equipment prior to use.  See PS Memo 15-03: Air Pollution Control Equipment Requirements of Regulation No 7, Section XVII for more guidance.

Guidance for natural gas venting permits

  • PS Memo 99-03
    Criteria for determining whether equipment is air pollution control equipment or process equipment.
  • Step-by-step
    Reporting your air emissions and applying for air permits.