Updating Air Quality Control Commission Procedural Rules



The Air Quality Control Commission’s procedural rules guide how the commission must run meetings and rulemaking hearings. The commission is considering changes to its procedural rules to improve the rules and rulemaking process. These updates aim to modernize the process and better meet community needs.



  • Promote diverse community and stakeholder engagement in rulemakings.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on rulemaking by community members, partners, and commissioners.
  • Simplify commission and rulemaking processes.
  • Make the procedural rules easier to read.



  • The procedural rules apply to all commission meetings and hearings.
  • The commission is considering changes to:
    • The rulemaking process.
    • General procedures that apply to all commission meetings, including public comment.
  • The commission is not considering changes to adjudications. 
    • These are trial-type hearings on permits or enforcement cases.

Next steps


  • The Air Pollution Control Division is meeting with community members to discuss ideas and possible improvements. 
  • The division will develop and share ideas with the public and commission.
  • The division will request a rulemaking hearing on August 15, 2024.
  • The commission would host a rulemaking hearing on November 20-22, 2024.

Public meetings


The division will host several online public meetings. All Coloradoans are welcome to join. Learn more about the procedural rules and share your ideas and feedback. Registration is required. Language interpretation services are available upon request. Register to join online:

The public meeting agenda will include:

  • A plain language presentation.
  • An opportunity to provide public comments.
  • A question and answer session.

Technical meetings


Division and commission staff will host several online technical meetings for interested stakeholders. These meetings will go into detailed discussion about the procedural rules and proposed changes. Register to join online:

Submit written comments or questions


Use the online public comment form to contact the commission office with questions or comments.

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