Test and Fix Water for Kids

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What is Test & Fix Water for Kids?

Governor Jared Polis signed House Bill 22-1358: Clean Water in Schools and Child Care Centers into law in June 2022. This law requires that each child care center, family child care home, and school that serves any grades preschool through fifth in Colorado test their drinking water for lead by May 31, 2023, and remediate if necessary. The law also requires all public schools serving grades six through eight in Colorado to test their drinking water for lead by November 30, 2024.


The Test and Fix Water for Kids program helps schools and child care programs meet HB22-1358 requirements by providing free training, testing, remediation, and technical assistance.  

All public schools serving grades preschool through fifth, plus all licensed child care programs in Colorado, were required to enroll in this program to comply with this new law during the 2022-2023 school year. All public schools serving grades six through eight must enroll in this program to comply with this law during the 2023-2024 school year. Private schools are not included in this law. 

Please review the specific requirements for your facility type in the links below. Email questions about this program to waterforkids@state.co.us.

Test & Fix annual report

View the Test & Fix Water for Kids' 2023 annual report


What are the program benefits?

  • FREE lead testing of taps used for drinking or cooking.
  • FREE technical assistance and mitigation guidance (if necessary).
  • Informational and communications materials for parents and other stakeholders.
  • One-on-one support options.

Why should I care about lead?

Lead is associated with negative health effects that are especially harmful to young children. While exposure to lead can come from many sources, old or corroded lead plumbing or old brass fixtures can contribute to elevated lead levels in drinking water. If the results of a drinking water test show a rounded lead result of 5 parts per billion or higher, the fixture or plumbing is likely the source. The facility must address this source by replacing the plumbing with lead-free materials. To learn more about general lead testing procedures in schools and child care facilities, please visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s testing guidelines page.


Program timeline


August 2022

Start of Program

May 31, 2023

Last day to complete lead testing in childcare programs and public elementary schools.

Summer 2023

Facilities with elevated lead results continue to fix and replace sources of lead plumbing. 

September 2023

Middle schools begin testing for lead in water. 

November 30, 2024

Middle schools must complete testing.