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Public information

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COVID-19 newsroom

Media contacts

Media only
 303-900-2849 for COVID-19

 303-691-7870 for non-COVID

Non-COVID general questions

Jessica Bralish, Director of Communications
 303-349-7527 (text messaging, preferred)

Gabi Johnston (for help with internal communications)

Media contacts by division

Andrew Bare, Air Pollution Control Division
 303-692-3445 or 720-425-2736

Kirk Bol, Center for Health and Environmental Data

Mariah LaRue, Medical Marijuana Registry

Shannon Barbare, Disease Control and Environmental Epidemiology


Media line, Emergency Preparedness and Response

Media line, Environmental Health and Sustainability

Laura Dixon, Hazardous Materials and Waste Managment

Alex Beyer, Office of Health Equity

Peter Myers, Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Services

Media line, Laboratory Services

Vanessa Bernal, Prevention Services Division

Erin Garcia, Water Quality Control Division

Press releases

January 21, 2022
REMOTE (Jan. 21, 2022): Coloradans cleaning up their homes after the Marshall Fire should continue to protect themselves and their families from chemicals that may be released into the indoor air from smoke-impacted furniture, walls, floors, and other surfaces, but levels of chemicals measured recently do not pose an immediate health risk.
January 14, 2022
REMOTE (Jan. 14, 2022): The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment today released the final version of its Climate Equity Framework, which lays out specific actions for CDPHE to guide the implementation of the state's ambitious air quality and climate policies and programs to advance equity and environmental justice. 
January 7, 2022
REMOTE (January 7, 2022) - The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) advises all Coloradans located in cities or towns impacted by the Marshall Fire to thoroughly flush all their water taps, including all faucets, shower, and bath spouts. Residents should flush with both hot and cold water. 
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