Air permits for hydrocarbon liquid loadout

For a complete permit application, you must include all applicable elements on Form APCD-100.

Hydrocarbon Liquid Loading APEN (Form APCD-208)  |  Guidance

Use an APEN to apply for a new permit; request a modification to an existing permit; complete a routine (five-year) renewal for an existing permitted source or report changes in emissions, production or equipment.

General permit

General Permits offer a streamlined approach to air emissions permitting. Review the general permit to determine if your loadout operations meet the applicability requirements. On the Air Pollutant Emission Notice, you may choose to apply for a general permit under "Requested Action."

GP07: Hydrocarbon Liquid Loadout

  • PS Memo 14-02
    GP07 Regulatory Definitions and Permitting Guidance.​


Operating and Maintenance Plan for hydrocarbon liquid loadout (Form APCD-312)

An O&M plan is required for all process units with emission controls at a synthetic minor or major stationary source. Visit the Oil and gas Operating & Maintenance Plan forms page for guidance and more information.

Guidance for hydrocarbon liquid loadout permits

  • Step-by-step
    Reporting your air emissions and applying for air permits.