Title V operating permits

In November 1990 Congress completed a major redrafting of the federal Clean Air Act. Many of these changes dealt with stationary sources of air pollution. One of the most significant changes was the creation of the operating permit program in Title V of the Clean Air Act.

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Title V operating permit application forms

In January 2020, APCD revised the operating permit forms to improve the Title V application process. Find forms, instructions, and helpful resources to complete Title V applications below.

The forms were last revised on April 10, 2020. Applicants are required to use the most updated versions of the operating permit forms.

The Division no longer accepts old application forms. 

The new forms will have the following changes:

  • Review the “General Instructions on How to Use Forms” before starting an application.
  • The division is requiring one hard copy and one electronic copy of every form in the application package.
  • The date received by the division will be the date the signed hardcopy is received.
  • When submitting the forms electronically, you must submit them in a word format (.docx or .doc); do not pdf the forms.
  • Submit all forms to cdphe_apcd_title_v@state.co.us

Questions? Contact us at (303) 692-3100 or cdphe_apcd_title_v@state.co.us 

Click on the form(s) or instruction sheets in the following table to download individual files. At the top of the table there is an option to download a zip file containing all forms and instruction sheets. Refer to the “Application Form Applicability Matrix” guidance document above for more information on which forms are required for a complete Operating Permit Application.

Download a zipped file of all operating permit forms and instruction sheets.

50 Series - Application forms

OP-50 Application.

100 Series - Administrative forms 

OP-100 Facility Identification.

OP-101 Site Description.

OP-102 Plant-wide Criteria Emissions.

OP-103 Plant-wide HAP Emissions.

OP-104 Permit Shield.

OP-105 Insignificant Activities.

OP-106 Title V Permit Cancellation.

200 Series - Miscellaneous forms

OP-201 Minor Modification.

OP-203 Compliance Assurance Monitoring (CAM).

OP-204 Modeling.

200 O&G Series - Oil and Gas specific

OP-202 Oil and Gas.

OP-202.1 Additional Storage Vessels.

OP-202.2 Additional Dehydrators.

OP-202.3 Additional Spark Ignition Engines.

OP-202.4 Additional Compression Ignition Engines.

OP-202.5 Additional Fugitive Emissions.

OP-202.6 Additional Sweetening Units.

OP-202.7 Additional Combustion Control Devices.

300 Series - Emission Unit forms

OP-300 General Emission Unit.

OP-301 Boiler, Furnace, and Process Heater.

OP-302 Engine.

OP-303 Tanks.

OP-304 Turbine.

OP-305 Coating, Painting, Fiberglass, and Solvent Use.

OP-306 Dehydrator.

OP-307 Amine.

OP-308 Liquid Loadout.

OP-309 Fugitive VOC.

OP-310 Fugitive Particulate Matter.

OP-311 Incinerator.

OP-312 Kiln.

OP-313 Landfill.

OP-314 Separator and Natural Gas Venting.

400 Series - Compliance and Monitoring form

OP-400 Compliance and Monitoring.