Drinking water resources for water systems


Compliance assurance

Monitoring schedule information, draft Consumer Confidence Reports, certified laboratory list

Facility design approval

How to submit a design review, design submittal forms, alternative technology reviews, and design guidance

Facility Operator Certification

CCWP Portal, certification and training unit, misconduct complaints, Operator in Response Charge (ORC) and responsibilities, Facility Operator Certification Board

Grants and loans

Grants and low-interest loans for public water systems

Inspection services

Sanitary survey, non-community groundwater

Source water assessment and protection (SWAP)

Information about drinking water sources, involvement opportunities

Training opportunities, resources, and awards for public water systems

Public water system tools, coaching for training units, request coaching, upcoming training, resources, Pursuing Excellence Award Program

Guidance and forms

Compliance, facility design, and grants and loans forms
Online portal for data submission


Aqua Talk, historical incident reports, drinking water annual fee information

Regulations, policies, and guidance

Current regulations, policies and guidance for public water systems