Guidance for Environmental Standards for Appliances and Building Performance Standards


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In 2023, Colorado established Environmental Standards for Appliances (ESA) and Building Performance Standards (BPS).  These new standards impact many large buildings in Colorado. Affected buildings must plan and invest in energy efficiency or emission reduction. This web page offers guidance to help building owners and managers.

The Colorado legislature passed, and Governor Polis signed the ESA law. It prohibits the sale of less efficient appliances after certain deadlines.

The Air Quality Control Commission established the BPS rule. It set targets for energy and emission reductions in large buildings by 2026 and 2030. All buildings subject to the BPS rule must achieve their individual targets within the regulation timelines. Public buildings are only subject to BPS requirements in certain circumstances.

As public buildings adapt to ESA regulations by investing in efficient lighting retrofits, they may also face earlier compliance deadlines under the BPS, requiring further energy efficiency investments. Guidance and programs like CDPHE’s Small Business Assistance Program assist businesses in meeting these requirements, ensuring compliance, and supporting environmental sustainability goals.

The Small Business Assistance Program provides complimentary guidance and outreach to enhance awareness of the environmental impacts associated with environmental regulations. Additionally, the program provides business owners with pollution prevention strategies. The program provides free on-site assessments to identify pollution prevention techniques and opportunities for businesses to adopt more environmentally sustainable practices.


Industry specific guidance



Colorado Energy Office

  • Building Performance help desk. The helpdesk provides guidance and support for buildings covered under the Building Performance Standards rule. If your building is applicable to BPS requirements this will be your first step to understanding your regulatory requirements.
  • Questions? Contact: building.performance@state.co.us.

Best practices for covered buildings

  • Start benchmarking your building’s energy use with the free EnergySTAR’s Portfolio Manager.
  • Perform an energy audit
    • The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) level 2 equivalent or greater.
    • Energy audits enable buildings to identify their strengths and weaknesses, facilitating the pinpointing of areas for improvement when seeking to implement energy efficiency projects.
  • Automate common use areas with occupancy control sensors.
  • Install wireless motion sensors for lighting in rooms that are used intermittently.
  • Install photosensors and dimming ballasts to dim lights when daylighting is sufficient.

Air Pollution Control Division requirements and compliance