Air Pollution Control Division: What's new


New online tool to visualize Colorado air pollution data

Final 2023 Statewide Greenhouse Gas Inventory and 2023 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Progress Report to the Colorado Legislature

Midstream O&G:  Guidance Document and Workbooks for Company Emission Reduction Plans to be developed by Colorado Midstream Segment Owners or Operators (due September 30, 2023)

Severe Nonattainment Area Reclassification: Permit Issues - Permitting section memo 22-01 

Guidelines for Automatic Pressure Management and Pilot Light Systems for well production facilities

Toxic Air Contaminants

File a notification of excess water infiltration due to hydraulic fracturing per Regulation No. 7, Part D, Section II.G.1.d.(iii)

New General Permit Registration Process

December 2021 Regulations Number 7 and 22 Revisions - FAQ Volume 1.

Midstream Steering Committee

Stationary Sources July 1, 2021 Fee Increase Information

Non-emitting Pneumatic Controller Rulemaking Factsheet

Enforcement Settlements and Orders (2021 Quarter 2)

December 2019 Regulations Number 3 and 7 Revisions - FAQ Volume 5.

General Permit GP11: Oil and Gas Industry Routine or Predictable Gas Venting Emissions

Form APCD-213 Routine or Predictable Gas Venting APEN

Form APCD-215 Routine or Predictable Gas Venting Addendum (if reporting more than five [5] activities.)

PS Memo 20-04 - Routine or Predictable Gas Venting Emissions Calculations and Instructions on Permitting for Oil and Natural Gas Operations

Oil and Gas Methane & Other Hydrocarbons Monitoring Forum

Suncor refinery

Ongoing stakeholder processes

Operating permit application forms

Stationary Source Fund Fees