Water Quality - Permits

Welcome to the Permits Section web page. We issue permits for discharges of pollution to waters of the state, including groundwater. Our job is to ensure that the permits we write and issue are protective of the uses of those waters, like drinking water, aquatic life, agriculture, and recreation.

Water and COVID-19 - Frequently Asked Questions 

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19 and water supplies
(for public water systems, treatment plants, water professionals, and swimming pool owners and operators)

Clean water permitting sectors

Commerce and industry, construction, municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4), sewage systems, biosolids, pesticides, reclaimed water, and pretreatment, compliance and guidance, enforcement and contacts

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Includes annual reports, change of contacts, transfers , modifications, operator in responsible charge report,supplements,termination application and withdrawal forms

Clean water active permits lists

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