Community Council for Environmental Justice and Air Quality (CCEJAQ)



The Community Council for Environmental Justice and Air Quality (CCEJAQ) is an informal advisory group convened by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. It is made up of nine community members from across the state of Colorado. The council members represent diverse geographic areas, perspectives, demographics, and lived experiences. 

The council meets virtually each month to provide input on key state air quality work and to help bolster the state’s commitment to environmental justice. Council members also work within their own communities to engage friends, neighbors, and local Coloradoans with environmental justice and air quality issues. 

The council works collectively to lift up underrepresented voices in stakeholder processes to help the state improve outcomes for communities disproportionately impacted by pollution.

Meet the council


The Community Council for Environmental Justice and Air Quality aims to elevate underrepresented voices in public participation processes to help Colorado improve outcomes for communities disproportionately impacted by environmental pollution.




Headshot of Teresa Brizuela


Teresa Brizuela - Thorton, CO

My name is Teresa Brizuela. I am from Venezuela and I have lived in Colorado since 2016. I graduated with a degree in Human Resources and completed a postgraduate degree in Labour Administration. I worked at Dana Incorporated for 15 years, which is an international organization with offices in Venezuela, where I received training as a Program Reviewer for The Dana Quality Leadership Award (similar to the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) • United States Department of Commerce). I also worked as an Environmental Auditor with an ISO 14000 certification, and have had my Buddist practice at SGI.org for over 37 years - where we propose that we are one with the environment and that this relationship is inseparable. More recently, I worked at the Growhaus.org in Colorado for three years, where I offered services to the neighborhoods of Globeville, Elyria and Swansea, in the 80216 zip code, which is considered to be a food desert and has documented levels of air, soil and water pollution. I have continued supporting these communities by participating in diverse events independently. The sum of all of these experiences, as well as my knowledge and life experiences, have made me responsive to supporting the preservation of our environment, dignity of life and respect for all living beings. I am very pleased to belong to this Council for Environmental Justice, where together with members with experience in climate change and environmental pollution education, we are being heard as part of the different communities of Colorado to which we belong. We are able to suggest changes related to environmental legal matters, such as with the voice of our communities, which is very important within the development of a country.

Headshot of Harmony Cummings


Harmony Cummings - Denver, CO

Harmony Cummings is a mother, environmentalist and organizer living life to the fullest in Colorado. She is the founder and director of the Green House Connection Center, a community space in Denver's Elyria neighborhood, that pairs the arts with environmental justice, community advocacy and healing. She is the Co-chair for the Denver Mayor’s Sustainability Advisory Council environmental justice committee.  She is passionate about protecting the future for her children and all of the children of Colorado.  She has eight years of experience working in the oil and gas industry and uses that experience, insight and connections to inform her work.  She was the bill champion for HB23-1242, Water Conservation in Oil and Gas Operations which established the nation’s first State level Produced Water Consortium to make significant advances in water reuse in the industry. Her most important role is being a mother and she spends her time with her two boys, in her garden, dancing, going to concerts and hanging out with the family's new kitten.


Carl Erickson headshot


Carl Erickson - Greeley, CO

My name is Carl B. Erickson, I have lived in Weld County since I was three. I attended UNC in Greeley, worked as an interpreter for the deaf and a preschool teacher and finally went into the private sector as a supervisor and a technical trainer. I am the son of teachers, and my father was a park ranger in the summer. Although I have been an environmentalist my entire life, I wasn't as active in the "human right to a safe and clean environment" until 2009. I have since been very active in attempting to 'level the playing field' to ensure coming generations have a livable planet. As we strive to make the future livable it is important to ensure that benefits are felt equally and uniformly, this is the reason groups like this one exist.

Rachael Lehman headshot


Rachael Lehman - Denver, CO

Rachael Lehman (she, her, ella) is a mom, sociologist, education disruptor and community champion. Center the margins! Rachael earned degrees in Political Science, Women’s Studies and Sociology and is currently employed at the Community College of Denver as Associate Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies. Rachael serves community in the following capacities; State Discipline Chair of Women’s Studies and Sociology for the Colorado Community College System, Community Council for Environmental Justice and Air Quality, Healthy Community Chair I-70/Vasquez Blvd Environmental Protection Agency Superfund Site, Curls on the Block board member, and Policy Director for Denver Public School Board Director Auon’tai Anderson. Rachael finds joy in dismantling white supremacy and hugging trees. #RachaeltheRealest


Kate Lockwood headshot


Kate Lockwood - Meeker, CO

My name is Katie Lockwood, and I serve as a western colorado representative for CCEJAQ though I currently reside in Colorado Springs for college. Growing up as the daughter of a U.S. Forest Service employee mom in rural Colorado, I’ve always felt close to nature and compelled to share the treasure that it is with everyone; this board is an opportunity to do just that.