Noble Energy consent decree

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have agreed to a settlement with Noble Energy effective June 2, 2015 for violation of the state’s air quality regulations. Noble Energy has agreed to system-wide upgrades and to fund projects to reduce emissions.
In 2012, state and federal inspectors found noncompliance with the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission’s Regulation No. 7 at select Noble Energy facilities in the region. The cited violations related to excess emissions of volatile organic compounds due to over-pressurization and venting from storage tanks.
Under terms of the settlement, Noble Energy agreed to a penalty and to fund certain Supplemental Environmental Projects in the Denver metro/north Front Range area for a total of $8.95 million. Noble Energy also agreed to fund additional environmental mitigation projects throughout the area. Noble Energy also must survey all its facilities in the area and implement any needed design changes to minimize emissions and ensure compliance with state regulations.

For more information, Noble Energy has set up a website containing details related to the settlement, otherwise known as a joint agreement.