Clean Fleet Enterprise


Section 11 of Colorado Senate Bill 21-260 (Sustainability of the Transportation System) creates a clean fleet enterprise within the department of public health and environment (CDPHE) for the business purpose of incentivizing and supporting the use of electric motor vehicles and other clean fleet technologies by owners and operators of motor vehicle fleets.

The clean fleet enterprise is authorized to impose a clean fleet retail delivery fee to be paid by the purchaser of tangible personal property delivered to the purchaser by motor vehicle and a clean fleet per ride fee to be paid by a transportation network company (TNC) on each ride offered and accepted by the TNC to fund the clean fleet enterprise's business purpose.


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Founding Documents 

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CFE Board

Board Meetings

The CFE Board usually meets on the fourth Thursday of each month, 11:30 am - 2:00 pm

There will be no board meeting in September 2023

Next CFE Board Meeting: TBD 

Meeting materials and agenda will be posted prior to each meeting. 


Board Members

    Term End

Michael Ogletree

CDPHE Air Pollution Control Division Director


Kay Kelly

Colorado Department of Transportation


Maria Eisemann

Colorado Energy Office


Josê Guardiola 

Disproportionately Impacted Community representative


Greg Fulton

Transportation expert


Tim Reeser

Motor vehicle fleet electrification expert


Huma Seth

A business that operates a motor vehicle fleet representative


Will Allison

Air quality expert


John Tayer

Business or supply chain management expert


If you are interested in serving as a board member, please visit the Colorado Boards and Commissions page to apply.


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Past CFE Board Meetings


September 2023: No meeting was held

August 24, 2023: Meeting Materials

July 2023: No meeting was held

June 22, 2023: Meeting Materials

May 2023: No meeting was held

April 27, 2023: Meeting Materials

March 23, 2023: Meeting Materials

March 9, 2023: 2023 CFE Fee Rule-Making Hearing Materials

February 23, 2023: 2023 CFE Fee Rule-Making Meeting Materials

January 26, 2023: Meeting Materials

December 2022: No meeting was held

November 30, 2022: Meeting Materials

October 27, 2022: Meeting Materials

September 22, 2022: Meeting Materials

August 25, 2022: Meeting Materials

July 2022: No meeting was held

June 23, 2022: Meeting Materials

May 26, 2022: Meeting Materials

April 28, 2022: Meeting Materials

March 24, 2022: Meeting Materials

February 24, 2022: Meeting Materials

January 27, 2022: Meeting Materials

December 14, 2021: Meeting Materials

November 9, 2021: Meeting Materials



CFE Fee Rule-Making

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Contact us

Send comments to CDPHE_CleanFleets@state.co.us 


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