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Colorado Air Quality Collaboration

The Collaboration began in 2012 as the Western Colorado Regional Air Quality Collaboration with a handful of members. Since then it has grown to over 30 counties and cities across the state. The main goal of the collaboration is to promote consistency and collaboration on air quality issues in local communities, cities and counties through education and outreach. The Collaboration also offers local governments a direct point of contact for any air quality concerns they may have and notifies members of air quality related educational and funding opportunities through a member’s only list serve. All interested local governments are encouraged to participate.

Education is conducted though webinars held every 6-8 weeks on air quality related topics that are voted upon by the collaboration members. Attendance on these calls is voluntary and most are recorded. Presentation slides and audio recordings (if available) for the most recent year are below:

All previous presentations are archived and can be shared. Please contact Lisa Devore for access to any archived material.


Richard Coffin