Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

General Information


The stratospheric ozone layer in the upper atmosphere (10 to 30 miles above the Earth's surface) protects the planet from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Ozone-depleting compounds that reach the stratospheric ozone layer release free chlorine from their chemical structure and destroy atmospheric ozone by oxidation, thereby destroying its ability to filter ultraviolet radiation.

Public health concerns that stem from increased ultraviolet radiation include higher rates of skin cancers, cataracts and immunity suppression. Damage to plants and aquatic organisms can also occur.

What we do

  • Contract with local health departments, which perform inspections, respond to complaints and initiate compliance actions in their respective counties.
  • Oversee the CFC program by conducting training and inspections & implementing monitoring & compliance for the non-contracted portion of the state.
  • Regularly inspect stationary and automotive sources for compliance.
  • Respond to general complaints about ozone-depleting compounds.

More information

Chlorofluorocarbon forms


Facility notification form.
Facility notification is required of businesses which perform air conditioning, refrigeration, or motor vehicle air conditioning service with ozone-depleting compounds (ODCs) such as R-12.


The fee for annual facility notification is $40 per year, per facility, regardless of the number of air conditioning or refrigeration technicians employed. Invoices for the annual facility notification fee are issued on an annual basis, on April 1. 

Information sheet for registration of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
Registration is required of all air conditioning or industrial processes which have an individual or combined system compressor horsepower of one hundred (100) horsepower or greater.
Registration is required of all commercial refrigeration systems used to refrigerate foods for human consumption and have three hundred (300) pounds of product refrigerants in use.


Annual registration fees range from $29 to a maximum of $300 per facility. Invoices for registered air conditioning and refrigeration equipment are issued on an annual basis, on November 1. 

Change in status of registered stationary CFC equipment.
Use this form to notify us when currently registered equipment is replaced or modified. 

Change in name or address of registered facility.

Use this form to update the name or address of a registered CFC Facility. 

CFC publications and resources


Technician certification programs

The CFC Program verifies individual technician certification, however, we do not issue or maintain copies of certification. A replacement copy of your training certificate and wallet card can only be issued by the original training provider. If the original training provider is out of business, you must retake the training to obtain a certificate and wallet card.