Index of forms and guidance for non-oil & gas

Non-oil & gas


Your APEN will be rejected if it is filled out incorrectly, is missing information, or lacks payment for the filing fee. The re-submittal will require a new filing fee. See our Application Rejection Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.


General APEN Form APCD-200
Use APCD-200 if an APEN specific to your equipment is not available below.

Crematory/incinerator APEN Form APCD-234

Crusher/screen APEN Form APCD-201 Calculator
Dry cleanerAPEN Form APCD-228
Mining operationsAPEN Form APCD-222
Print shop APEN Form APCD-227

APEN supplement forms
Submit this form with the APEN to report any control device used to reduce emissions. Use one form per control device.
This AST supplement form is not required for storage tanks at oil & gas industry facilities.
Submit this form to report fugitive particles from sandblasting activities.
This form should be completed by busniesses with multiple emission points.

APEN and permit applicability resources


  • Introduction to APENs video.
  • Detailed guidance for calculating your emissions.
  • APEN/permit threshold table.
  • Ozone non-attainment area boundaries.
  • Common APEN or air permit exemptions.
  • APEN update guidance.

PS Memos Permitting guidance memos.

Air permit administrative forms

Guidance and information for administrative forms

General Permits
  • GP03: Land Development.
  • GP06: Diesel-fired engines.

General permit application and fee information

Final approval, self-certification and O&M plans
Compliance and enforcement
  • Compliance test manual.
  • Continuous monitoring system guidelines.
  • Portable analyzer monitoring protocol.
  • Rolling 12-month emission calculation guidance.
  • Malfunction/upset reporting.
  • Gasoline tank truck certification information and form.
  • APCD enforcement and inspection contacts.
Emission reduction credits (ERC)
  • ERC stakeholder presentation
  • Forms to apply for ERCs, use ERCs, or change ownership of ERCs
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Fact sheet

Gasoline Tank Truck Requirements

AQCC Regulations


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