Use emission reduction credits


Steps to use emission reduction credits:

  • Submit:
    • ERC UseApplication (Form APCD-602)
    • Air Pollution Emission Notice (APEN) forms and associated fees
    • Company Contact Information Form (Form APCD-101)
    • Facility-Wide Emissions Inventory form (Form APCD-102)
    • Supporting documentation for emissions calculations, which may include emission factor verification, model inputs and outputs, manufacturer data, stack testing results, etc.
    • Records of emissions, hours of operation, and actual operating conditions for the baseline period
    • Regulatory Analysis
    • Modeling if required under the Colorado Modeling Guideline for Air Quality Permits
    • Any other information required underRegulation Number 3, Part A, Section V
  • Wait for confirmation that we received your complete application.
  • You may start construction once you receive the permit for your new or modified source.