Clean Fleet Transportation Network Companies (TNC) Grant Program


Colorado Senate Bill 21-260 (SB21-260 sustainability of the transportation system) created the  Clean Fleet Enterprise (CFE) within the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) for the business purpose of incentivizing and supporting the use of light, medium, and heavy-duty electric motor vehicles and other clean fleet technologies by owners and operators of motor vehicle fleets. Furthermore, its purpose is to reduce air pollution through the promotion and use of environmentally-friendly vehicles in the state. A per-ride fee paid by anyone who uses a prearranged ride for transportation in the state supports the funding for the Clean Fleet Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) Grant Program.


The Clean Fleet TNC Grant Program provides the opportunity for TNCs statewide to apply for funding for the electrification of light-duty vehicles operated by eligible TNC drivers and associated fleets. The program is intended for TNCs to provide eligible TNC drivers financial incentives for operating an electric vehicle on an eligible TNC platform as defined by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). 

Grant Program Information

The Clean Fleet TNCs Grant Program request for application is open through May 22, 2024.


Request for Application

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