Colorado ZEV program for automakers

ZEV reporting requirements 

Automakers must submit a ZEV sales report that identifies the necessary delivery and placement data of all vehicles generating ZEV credits. Additional information about this requirement is available in Regulation 20, Part C, Section V.D

Please submit your ZEV sales report directly to CDPHE by August 31 of the calendar year following the close of the model year. ZEV sales reports from model year 2023, for example, are due by August 31, 2024. 

If you choose Option 2 to bank early action credits, then you must also submit sales reports for 2021 (due August 31, 2022) and 2022 (due August 31, 2023) to earn and bank early action credits. 

Due to the limitation on how proportional credits can be used to meet ZEV sales requirements for model years 2023 through 2025, Colorado will use its own system for banking ZEV credits. 

Submit your ZEV sales report through one of the following methods: 

Along with your ZEV Sales Report, please submit a list of VINs using the template below: 


If your report(s) contains confidential, proprietary, and/or trade secret information, please designate the attachments as such and APCD staff will review the content accordingly. Additionally, you must submit two versions of the confidential information. One version will contain all confidential information and will not be released or disclosed publicly. The second version must have confidential information redacted by the submitter. This second version will be available for release and disclosed publicly. 


ZEV credit trading 

Click here to request any transfers or acquisitions of ZEV credits


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