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Emission Reduction Credit (ERC) Fact Sheet



The purpose of an application is to certify eligible emission reductions as ERCs that may be used or sold.

Who Can Apply?

Any facility that wants to create or use emission reduction credits.

What other requirements should be considered when applying for these credits?

If the emission reductions are to be created through the modification of existing equipment or installation of new equipment, additional application forms may be necessary. In such cases, please contact the APCD for guidance before applying.

Credits cannot be issued for equipment already shutdown or cancelled.

Application fee

Application fees for certification and use of an emission reduction will be paid based on APEN and hourly rates as described in Regulation 3, Part A, Section VI.

Where do I send my completed application?

Completed applications for an ERC should be submitted to:




4300 Cherry Creek Drive South

Denver, Colorado 80246-1530

Where can I get a copy of the relevant forms?

The forms are available on the Air emission reduction credits web page.

How long are these credits in effect?

ERCs expire seven years following the certification of the credits

How do I avoid common mistakes?

  • Answer all questions on the ERC forms (Form APCD-601 - 603) and indicate “N/A” (not applicable) where appropriate.
  • Be sure to have a legally authorized person sign the forms.
  • Submit the relevant ERC form (Form APCD-601 or 602) to the APCD along with a permit application, including relevant Air Pollutant Emission Notices (APENs). APEN fees are required with the application.
  • ERC Change of Credit Ownership form (Form APCD-603) can be submitted without a permit application.

What regulations apply to these credits?

The regulations include, but are not limited to:

  • 5 CCR 1001-5
  • Regulation Number 3, Part A, Section V

Who do I contact if I have questions?


Submit questions and/or comments.


Learn more on the Air emissions reduction credits web page.

Other information

Emission reduction credit materials


Submit questions and/or comments.