Apply for emission reduction credits

Criteria for Certification of ERCs
In order to qualify for an ERC, the following criteria must be met:
● Emission reductions achieved by shutting down an existing source or reducing production or operating hours below baseline levels may be generally credited if such reductions are permanent, quantifiable and federally enforceable.
● If the area has an U.S. EPA-approved attainment plan, it must be determined if any shutdown or curtailment was counted in the emissions inventory and used in the plan’s demonstration of attainment. If so, the requested shutdown or curtailment will not be eligible to be credited as an ERC. This will ensure that any shutdown or curtailment will not be “double-counted” and used again for an ERC.
● The amount of certified ERCs issued will be 90% of the amount by which emissions have been reduced below the baseline emissions in attainment areas and 80% in nonattainment areas.
● Equipment that is shutdown in order to create an ERC must be shipped out of state. Evidence of relocation is required prior to certification of the credit.

Steps to apply for Emission Reduction Credits:

  • Submit:
    • ERC Creation Application (Form APCD-601)
    • Air Pollution Emission Notice (APEN) forms and associated fees
    • Company Contact Information Form (Form APCD-101)
    • Facility-Wide Emissions Inventory form (Form APCD-102)
    • Supporting documentation for emissions calculations, which may include emission factor verification, model inputs and outputs, manufacturer data, stack testing results, etc.
    • Records of emissions, hours of operation, and actual operating conditions for the baseline period of two years (24 months) immediately prior to the date the application is received
    • Regulatory Analysis
    • Any other information required under Regulation Number 3, Part A, Section V
  • If you are granted the credit, you will receive an ERC certificate and a permit that outlines the specific operation requirements for the source of the emission reductions.
  • Once you have received an ERC certificate, shut down equipment or make emission reduction modification. (NOTE: application must be complete prior to shut down, otherwise the credits could be forfeited.) 
  • Check that your ERC information is in the ERC registry