Drinking water compliance assurance


Test your water

Data and Consumer Information

Guidance and forms

  • Need to update a system's contact, email, or address? Submit a contact update form (video instructions). Correspondence is emailed to the administrative contact, operators, and owner. Anything mailed is sent only to the administrative contact.



  • Call 303-692-3308 for the following high results (potential acute situations):
    • Positive coliform or Positive E. coli.
    • Nitrate greater than or equal to 10.0 mg/L or Nitrite greater than or equal to 1.0 mg/L.
    • Surface water high turbidity or inadequate disinfection.
    • Chlorine dioxide greater than or equal to 0.8 mg/L or Chlorite greater than or equal to 1.0 mg/L.
  • Report general concern or emergency
  • General phone: 303-692-3556.
  • Individual Contacts:
    • Public water system's click on county in map below or search table by county and type to find your primary compliance contact.
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