WQ Wastewater accepted alternative technologies

The alternative technology review process is for domestic wastewater treatment works regulated under the Water Quality Control Commission's Site Location and Design Approval Regulations for Domestic Wastewater Treatment Works 5 CCR 1002-22 (Regulation 22). Technologies used in industrial treatment processes are not regulated under Regulation 22.
Alternative technology not always required
Many technologies can be reviewed under the current wastewater design criteria and do not need alternative technology acceptance. When the currently published design criteria do not include minimum requirements for the proposed technology, then the technology can be evaluated as an alternative technology. For more detail, please see section 1.8.0 of the design criteria and the process summary.
Many named technologies do not need alternative technology acceptance. For example, the following treatment processes should not require alternative technology acceptance, depending on designs and treatment claims (this is not meant to be an exhaustive list).
  • Cloth filter filtration following secondary clarifier
  • Membrane filter filtration following secondary clarifier
  • Electro-coagulation / Electro-flocculation
  • Aero-Mod SEQUOX.
  • Brentwood Industries AccuFAS.
  • Eliminite.
  • Recirculating sand filter.
  • Smith &, Loveless FAST.
  • Triplepoint Water Technologies NitrOx MBBR.
  • Veolia Kruger AnoxKaldnes MBBR.
  • WesTech STM Aerotor.
  • Xylem Sanitaire ICEAS advanced SBR.
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Accepted alternative technologies for wastewater

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