Water quality enforcement actions

Public notices for comment

Current division public notice summary, actions open for public comment and other public documents

Compliance orders on consent

Traditional settlement agreements, often including ongoing corrective action requirements

Expedited settlement agreements

Agreements between the division and violators to resolve violations quickly

Notices of violation

Formal actions that may include cease and desist orders, clean up orders, civil penalties and other information

Penalty orders

Orders for civil penalty for violations of discharge permits or the Water Quality Control Act

Drinking water enforcement actions

Enforcement orders for drinking water systems


Discharge Monitoring Report Guidance
If you receive a compliance advisory about your discharge monitoring reports, please see this guidance.

Enforcement and Compliance History Online website
If you identify an error in data on the EPA's Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) database, please report the error directly through this site.

More information

Clean Water Policies

Clean water enforcement policies, permitting policies, division enforcement management system

Swim beach monitoring

Information on natural swimming areas, swim beach monitoring and closure

What's New

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