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Measurable Results Program


The measurable results program measures the chemical, physical and microbiological changes in water near point source and nonpoint source pollution control activities funded through the Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund and 319 Non-point Source program. Studying water quality near these projects before and after helps determine the effectiveness of project operations as well as the planning and prioritization of future resources.

Measurable Results Analysis and Reports

Studies Currently in Progress

  • City of Idaho Springs WWTP Secondary Treatment Expansion.

  • City of Ouray Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements.

  • San Miguel River/Telluride Valley Floor Post Waste Pile Mitigation Sampling.

Previous Studies

  • Evans Gulch Synoptic of Non-point Source Mitigation.

  • Leavenworth Creek Waldorf Mine Post-mitigation Project.

  • Redwell Basin Synoptic of Non-point Source Mitigation as New Baseline Condition.

  • Kerber Creek Non-point Source Post-mitigation Project.

  • Sugarloaf Non-point Source Post-mitigation Project.

Partners and Resources