Nutrients incentive program

The voluntary incentive program encourages facilities to make nutrient reductions in exchange for an extended compliance schedule. The program also creates certainty regarding the year the facility will need to meet water quality-based effluent limits.

Nutrient incentives will be based on the annual reports submitted by each facility. The annual reports provide TIN and TP data in accordance with Policy 17-1 and are due to the division by March 31 of the following calendar year. Medians calculated from the information provided by entities through the reports are available in the table below. The division will calculate the total incentive credits following the last annual report submission in March 2028.

Annual Median Estimate (mg/L)

Clean water excellence program

We have a program to improve effluent (wastewater) quality in the state by rewarding facilities for going beyond regulatory compliance. Please tell us if you are interested or if there are other ideas we should consider:

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