Regulation 11 - Direct Potable Reuse

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On Oct. 11, 2022, the Water Quality Control Commission unanimously took preliminary action approving the addition of the Direct Potable Reuse (DPR) Rule within the Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations (Regulation 11). This is an incredible achievement and the division would like to acknowledge and thank stakeholders for their enormous contributions to this effort.

One key comment received during the formal commission rulemaking process was to clarify a small portion of language in the rule. This was accomplished by adding language to the Statement of Basis and Purpose within the regulation and making minor edits to language in section 4.10 of the DPR Policy.

A DPR Policy and an Enhanced Source Control Policy are associated with the DPR Rule. The division would like the stakeholder community to review the minor edits to the DPR Policy and provide any feedback about the proposed changes. The division is also taking this opportunity to consider whether other minor clarifications to the policies are warranted in light of the Commission's adoption of the rule. The division will not consider wholesale rewrites of any portions of the policies as part of this process. Please provide comments no later than Friday, Dec. 9, 2022. 

Engagement timeline


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How to get involved


Engagement overview

The proposed schedule for the outreach and rulemaking process is as follows:

  1. Host a virtual kick-off stakeholder meeting to inform the regulated community and gather additional feedback.
  2. Form several working groups to help develop specific portions of the proposed rule. If you have signed up for a working group and you do not receive an email regarding meeting schedules by April 28, 2021, contact Tyson Ingels at
  3. The department anticipates the outreach process will last through 2021 and the rule-making process will be complete by 2023.

Meeting information

The department held the final virtual stakeholder meeting on Feb. 23, 2022. During this meeting, staff reviewed comments received on the draft regulation package, and presented the draft statement of basis and purpose. To access meeting materials (including meeting recordings, chats, and presentations) visit the Google drive public folder.


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Do you have questions about this rulemaking effort? Contact Tyson Ingels by phone at 303-692-3002, or by email at

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