Facility design approval for drinking water and wastewater

Drinking water and domestic wastewater facility design reviews are conducted by the Engineering Section. Facility approval is required under the Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations and Colorado Water Quality Control Act.

Design review process for drinking water and domestic wastewater projects

  1. Submittal prerequisites:
    • Fee request/payment applicable for domestic wastewater projects only.
    • Information about Water Quality Planning Targets and Preliminary Effluent Limits (PEL).
    • Review policies and guidance.
  2. Complete and submit the required application materials, which include:
    • Application forms.
    • Engineered submittal (e.g., basis of design report, process design report, site location, final plans and specifications, or alternative technology justification).
  3. Post-approval submittals:
    • Change orders (when necessary).
    • Construction completion form.
  4. Please submit one hard copy and one electronic copy of submittals to:
    4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
    Denver, CO 80246