Suncor Water Quality Permits

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Suncor's permits

Suncor has two permits that limit the pollution they put into Sand Creek, and they are up for renewal in 2021.  

  • Permit CO0001147 allows Suncor to put wastewater and groundwater that has been treated into Sand Creek.
  • Permit COS000009 allows Suncor to discharge stormwater off its site into Sand Creek. 

The division must include requirements and limits to these pollutants to protect Sand Creek. These requirements protect the water for drinking, recreation, and fish. 

The division wants input from the community. We want to know what should be required to protect Sand Creek and downstream waters. 

Engagement timeline

The engagement timeline outlines the general timeframe of this permit renewal process and shows when we are asking for input and when we are drafting the permit. This timeline may need to be adjusted based on how many comments we receive and how long it takes to write the permit. This timeline was last updated June 25, 2021. 

How to get involved

Engagement overview

The proposed schedule for the renewal of these permits is as follows:

  1. Host virtual kickoff stakeholder meetings to begin gathering input from the public. Two kickoff meeting options were available to choose from. The first meeting option was on February 17, 2021, starting at 6:00 PM. The second meeting option was on February 25, 2021, starting at 6:00 PM. Both meetings have concluded.
  2. The division will put out a draft of each permit and request written public comment in the fall of 2021. Any member of the public may request a public meeting and give oral comments related to the draft permit. 
  3. The division will consider and respond to all comments.

Meeting schedule and information

The division offered two kick-off meeting options with identical agendas to accommodate varying schedules. Both meetings (scheduled on Feb. 17 and 25) have concluded. You can view the agenda, presentation, supplementary information, meeting recording, and meeting chat by visiting the public meeting file folders liked below:


Contact information

Do you have questions about these permits and the renewal process? Email Meg Parish at

Do you have feedback about this website and the engagement process? Email

Resources and pollution data

The division tracks activities related to these permits.  All documents are available online at:

The division requires Suncor monitor the levels of certain toxic chemicals in their wastewater and groundwater. These chemicals are present in some firefighting foams and other sources called per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). 

Suncor monitors certain pollutants in the wastewater they discharge to the creek. 

Summaries of the data:

All data (except PFAS) for the CO0001147 permit is also on EPA's ECHO site:

CDPHE reviews spills associated with an entity and we consider that data and information when renewing a water quality permit. CDPHE created a Suncor spill report summary that highlights the spills most directly-related to water quality events. This summary does not include all the spills that come from Suncor. 

To access Suncor hazardous material data and correspondence, please visit the OnBase dashboard.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) did a site inspection of the Suncor Oil Refinery from June 22 - 24, 2021, with CDPHE inspectors present. The inspection looked at the management of stormwater, water from the refinery process, and hazardous materials. To view the inspection letters, use the links below: 

You can also view the documents related to the inspection on the EPA website.