Water Quality Control Commission regulations

Please note these regulations are housed on the Secretary of State's website linked here.

Drinking water regulations:

Procedural and planning rules:

Surface water quality classifications and standards:

  • Regulation 31: The Basic Standards and Methodologies for Surface Water 
  • Regulation 32: Classifications and Numeric Standards for Arkansas River Basin 
  • Regulation 33: Classifications and Numeric Standards for Upper Colorado River Basin and North Platte River (Planning Region 12) 
  • Regulation 34: Classifications and Numeric Standards for San Juan River and Dolores River Basins
  • Regulation 35: Classifications and Numeric Standards for Gunnison and Lower Dolores River Basins 
  • Regulation 36: Classifications and Numeric Standards for Rio Grande Basin 
  • Regulation 37: Classifications and Numeric Standards for Lower Colorado River Basin
  • Regulation 38: Classifications and Numeric Standards for South Platte River Basin, Laramie River Basin, Republican River Basin, Smoky Hill River Basin 
  • Regulation 39: Colorado River Salinity Standards.

Groundwater quality classifications and standards:

  • Regulation 41: The Basic Standards for Groundwater 
  • Regulation 42: Site-Specific Water Quality Classifications and Standards for Groundwater
  • Regulation 43: On-Site Wastewater Treatment System Regulation 

Financial assistance rules:

  • Regulation 51: State of Colorado Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund Rules
  • Regulation 52: Drinking Water Revolving Fund Rules
  • Regulation 55: State Funded Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Programs

Point Source Discharge Permit and control regulations:

Watershed protection control regulations:

Other control regulations:

Implementation of Clean Water Act Section 303(d) requirements:

  • Regulation 93: Colorado's Section 303(d) List of Impaired Waters and Monitoring and Evaluation List 

Water Quality Civil Penalty Inflation Adjustment Regulation:

  • Regulation 101: Water Quality Civil Penalty Inflation Adjustment Regulation.

The WQCC regularly holds rulemaking hearings for each regulation. Regulatory changes are adopted with a delayed effective date and can be found in the respective rulemaking hearing records here: