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COLCLC13b (Grand Valley TMDL Draft)

  • Waterbodies
    • COLCLC13b_A: Lewis Wash, Persigo Wash, Pritchard Wash, Hunter Wash, Little Salt Wash, Big Salt Wash, Reed Wash
    • COLCLC13b_B: Salt Creek
    • COLCLC13b_C: Leach Creek, Adobe Creek
    • COLCLC13b_D: Indian Wash
  • Parameters
    • COLCLC13b_A: selenium and iron
    • COLCLC13b_B: selenium and iron
    • COLCLC13b_C: selenium, iron, and E. coli
    • COLCLC13b_D: selenium and iron
  • Status
    • Draft TMDL
    • Comments will be accepted through May 3, 2021

The division is accepting public comments for this TMDL from April 2, 2021 until May 3, 2021. Comments may be submitted electronically to or via mail to: CDPHE, WQCD-WSP-B2, 4300 Cheery Creek Drive South, Denver, Colorado, 80246-1530.

Tristan Acob