Training opportunities, recognition, and resources for water systems

Free training opportunities provided by us

  • Customized coaching and assistance

    • Free one-on-one coaching at your facility to meet your specific needs. 
    • Training units are available, depending on time spent with the coach.
    • Online assistance request or contact one of the drinking water training specialists, see list below. 
  • Monitoring and Operating for Regulatory Compliance

    • 4-hour course, up to 0.4 training units awarded.
    • Meets mandatory regulatory training (MRT) requirements for certified operators.
    • Scheduled classroom or webinar delivery with live instructor.
    • Register by selecting your date
  • Sanitary Survey Preparation

  • Resilience Training: Emergency Management & Financial Planning

  • Lead and Copper Rule Revision Training

  • ORC Hiring and Contracting Guide

    • For written agreements between facilities and their ORC’s.
    • 15-minute, on-demand video introduction to ORC Hiring and Contracting Guide.
    • Immediately available upon submission of registration.
    • No training units available.
  • ORC’s delegation of tasks and activities 

    • To other individuals working under ORC’s supervision.
    • 20-minute, on-demand training video.
    • No training units available.
  • Evaluation form

Pursuing Excellence Program


The Pursuing Excellence Program recognizes public water systems that have an exemplary record of compliance, exceed regulatory compliance, and/or take proactive steps to overcome challenges. Each year, the program offers two awards. 

  • The Commitment Award recognizes systems that have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to the culture of health. In 2022, the division is giving this award to the City of Louisville, Superior Metro District and East Boulder County for their efforts during the Marshall Fire.
  • The Outstanding Compliance Award is given to community water systems with longstanding records of perfect compliance. In 2021, the division awarded 14 systems. 
    • Surface water systems:
      • Dillon Valley District 
      • Montezuma WC 
      • City of Central City 
    • Ground water systems:
      • Chateau Chaparrel CG 
      • Kingdom Park Court 
      • Forrest Grove Estates 
      • The River Meadows
      • No Name Creek WS 
      • Hermosa Village
      • South Adams County WSD 
      • Town of Sanford
    • Consecutive systems:
      • Town of Crowley 
      • North Carter Lake WD 
      • Homestead Improvement Association Inc


The Assistance Grants Program supports public water systems that are interested in committing to excellence but lack the financial resources to do so. These grants are intended to:

  • Help these systems reach or maintain more consistent compliance with the Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations. 
  • Address a potential or existing water quality challenge.

Grants can be awarded up to $25,000 with a total of $150,000 annually. Projects must be completed within the calendar year they are awarded. 

In addition to these external applications, division personnel also refer projects to this program. 

After the application period has closed, applications and referrals will be reviewed and ranked.

Top ranked applications/ referrals will be evaluated by a division committee and finalists will be notified in Spring 2023. Grants through this program are subject to the availability of funding.

For any questions/ comments about this process, please contact  

Apply here.


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