Current drinking water policies

Draft policies are posted on our engagement page.
  • DW001: Response to acute health threats from public water systems.
  • DW003: Determination of groundwater under the direct influence (GWUDI) of surface water.
  • DW004: Surface water treatment rule performance assessment, proper operation and fostering improved operations.
  • DW005: Design criteria for potable water systems.
  • DW007: Backflow prevention and cross-connection control rule implementation.
  • DW009: Water hauler.
  • DW010:​ Sanitary defect.
  • DW011:​ New public water system capacity planning manual.
  • DW012: ​Storage tank rule alternative inspection schedule.
  • DW014: Data release policy.
  • DW015Storage tank rule inspection methods and qualified personnel.
  • DW016Direct Potable Reuse.
  • DW017Enhanced Source Water Control Program.
  • DW018Initial Service Line Inventory.