Clean water: Commerce and industry inspections


Prepare for the inspection


We’ll review these records

Each Colorado Discharge Permit System permit has different record-keeping requirements. The best way to prepare for an inspection is to review the requirements of your facility's permit, but generally for a CDPS process water discharge you’ll need to have available the past three years of:
  • Permits, including permit certifications.
  • Discharge monitoring reports, associated laboratory reports and sampling records, including log sheets and calculations.
  • Flow measurement historical flow records and calibration records.
  • Operator certification records.
  • Stormwater Management Plan (for stormwater inspections).
  • We may request other records.

We may conduct a field review

  • Depending on the location and inspection goals, we may inspect the integrity of the facilities, for example, compliance points for sampling and flow measurement, and treatment unit processes.
  • We may inspect other items.

Inspection frequency

  • Generally every one to five years, depending on facility size and other factors.
  • We have the authority to inspect CDPS-permitted facilities without advance notice.

After the inspection

  • We’ll document the CDPS inspection findings in a letter sent out approximately 45 days after the inspection.
  • We request the permittee respond in writing to violations 30 days after the inspection letter date with a plan to address any violations.