Rivers, lakes and streams

In Colorado, there are over 90,000 miles of rivers and more than 270,000 acres of lakes. The majority of the rivers originate in the pristine, high alpine environment of the Rocky Mountains and flow downstream through the high desert or high plains regions before leaving the state. 

On this page, you can submit and download water quality assessment related-data, access information on impaired waters, monitoring, nonpoint source pollution,  nutrients, and surface water assessment methodologies.  

Data and regulation information

How to obtain data and data submission forms.

Studies from the measurable results program

Colorado Benthic Macroinvertebrate Informational Story Map


Monitoring plans, trophic definitions, status, data and data collection, temperature analysis program and contact information.

Nonpoint source pollution management

Funding, program documents, planning, project management, monitoring and assessment, outreach, Regulation 85.


Nutrient management control regulations, 10-year roadmap, incentive program, workgroup activities, monitoring, nutrients management grants.

Surface water assessment 

303(d) listing methodology, assessment methods and tools