TMDL prioritization

As part of a new national vision for the CWA 303(d) program states were required to identify priority areas for TMDL development through 2022. Colorado submitted priority areas to EPA in the fall of 2015. The draft strategy document outlines the approach used to determine priority areas. The division is currently working on updating this document to better illustrate the priority areas identified through 2022. Targets for TMDL development for 2016 and 2017 were identified in the 2016 Integrated Report and are listed below.

2015 draft TMDL Prioritization Strategy
TMDLs targeted for development FFY16-17
WBID Waterbody Parameters Target Year
COARMA04a Wildhorse Creek E. coli 2016
COARMA18a Boggs Creek Se, U 2016
COGUUG07 Slate River, below Oh-Be-Joyful Zn 2016
COGUUG08 Slate River, Coal Creek to East River Cd, Zn 2016
COGUUG10 Oh-Be-Joyful Creek, wilderness to Slate River Cd, Cu, Pb, Zn 2016
COGUUG11 Elk Creek Cd, Pb, Zn 2016
COGUUG11 Coal Creek Cd, Zn, Mn 2016
COGUUG12 Coal Creek Cd, Zn, Cu 2016
COSPBD01 Big Dry Creek E. coli 2016
COSPUS15 South Platte, Burlington ditch to Big Dry Creek E. coli 2016
COARLA01b Arkansas River, Colorado canal to John Martin Reservoir Se 2017
COARLA04 Apishapa River, Timpas Creek Se 2017
COARLA04 Timpas Creek Fe(T) 2017
COARLA09a,b Tributaries to Arkansas River Se 2017
COARLA09a Horse Creek Fe(T) 2017
COARLA09a Adobe Creek E. coli 2017
COARLA09c Chicosa Creek Se, Fe(T) 2017
COARLA10 Adobe Ck Reservoir, Nee gronda Reservoir Se 2017
COARLA11 John Martin Reservoir Se 2017
COARLA12 Lake Henry, Lake Meredith Se 2017
COARMA12 Huerfano River Se 2017
COGUUN07 Gray Copper Cu 2017
COGUUN09 Sneffels Creek Cd, Zn 2017
COGUUN14 Sweitzer Lake Se 2017
COSPBE01c Bear Creek Reservoir Chl-a, phosphorus 2017
COSPBT01 Big Thompson River Cu 2017