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TMDL prioritization


The division’s draft prioritization framework for 2024-2032 will be published here soon!


TMDLs and Alternative Restoration Plans in 2024 and 2025
Waterbody AUID
Target Year
COARMA12_AHuerfano RiverSe2024
COARLA01b_AArkansas River, Colorado Canal to John Martin ReservoirSe2024
COARLA04a_A,BApishapa River, Timpas CreekSe2024
COARLA09a_A,B,CTributaries to Arkansas River, and Chicosa CreekSe2024
COARLA09b_BBig Sandy CreekSe2024
COSPBE01C_ABear Creek ReservoirP, chl-a2024
COSPBE02_CBear Creek below Kipling ParkwayE. coli2025
COARUA15_ADeWeese ReservoirDo and P2025
COSPCP12_ACache la Poudre RiverE. coli2025
COSPCP13a_D,EFossil Creek, Spring CreekE. coli2025
COARLA01c_AArkansas River, John Martin Reservoir Outlet to Colorado/Kansas state lineSe (alternative
restoration plan)
COSPCL02a,b,c_B,C,FMainstem of Clear Creek and tribsCd, Zn2025
COSPCL02c_BTurkey GulchCd, Zn, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni2025
COSPCL03b_ALeavenworth CreekCd, Cu2025
COSPCL05_BWest Fork of Clear CreekCu2025
COSPCL06_CNorth Empire CreekCd, Zn, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni,
COSPCL09a_BSilver CreekPb, Cu2025
COSPCL09a_CFall RiverZn2025
COSPCL10_AChicago Creek, mainstem and all tributariesCu2025
COSPCL12a_BGilson Gulch and tribsCd, Cu, Fe, Pb, Mn, Ni, Zn2025
COSPCL13b_CGregory, Russell, Silver Gulches and tribsCd2025